Cost of Living Calculator

Interactive Visual Data


Within your topic, create an interactive and animated digital prototype that compares data between 2 chosen cities.

This interactive prototype calculates the cost of living based on the user’s inputed data into fill-in-the-blank sentences. It compares their personal data with equivalent data from another city. Step-by-step, the calculator goes through each cost of living category, such as housing, utilities, education, children, travel, groceries and other non-essential items. After inputting everything, it gets added up altogether and continues to compare with graphs. It also explains if their earnings are enough to live comfortably in the city they reside in and explains why the cost of living is that way. Finally, it suggests some ways to lower their cost of living based on their answers. For this prototype, data is automatically inputted and compares the cost of living of San Francisco, California with New Delhi, India.

Live Prototype


Comparing Cost of Living

Initially, users first input where they live in, as well as another city in the world to compare their cost of living. Depending on the cost of living in the chosen cities, it gives a conclusion at the end if their way of spending is too high or not.

Monthly Income

Users can put in their job, its monthly salary and their whole household income. This informations helps give insight at the conclusion, whether or not their cost of living is too high or comfortable enough to live within their city they live at.

Inputing Personal Calculations

Users goes through each cost of living category to input their estimated amount of money spent per month in fill-in-the blank sentences. The cost of living categories are housing, utilities, education, children, travel, groceries and other non-essential items.

Insightful Infographics

After inputting all their costs per month, it gets added altogether and compares with equivalent costs from the other chosen city. This gives insight which city has a higher cost of living. Users can also learn why and also if their total income is sustainable for where they live.

Lowering Your Cost of Living

If the user's cost of living is too high within their area, it will suggest some advice in order to lower their spendings.