Product Design
User Research & Testing


Create any interactive product design that involves what users need.

Floret is an app that brings people together by helping and motivation. People can comfortably ask questions and explain confusions in a task. People can share their knowledge, tips, advice and step-by-step tutorials to others who may need their help. Altogether, people learn new things and motivate each other with Floret. This was a partnered project with Amanda Le.

1. User Research & Synthesis
2. Storyboard
3. Finalizing Feature & Sitemap
4. Lofi Wireframes
5. Hifi V1 Prototype
6. Product Validation
7. Hifi V2 Prototype


The Rise of Online Communication
During the COVID-19 shelter-in-place order, everyone was required to stay home and social distance. Luckily, we have the online technology to fulfill our social needs online. Using online social tools has risen to communicate, which was applied onto Floret.

Accessible Support
Getting advice and help has been less intimate and harder to achieve when we cannot get it in person during quarantine. However, the way we can reach for support is by the use of online messaging and webcamming. Floret has those online social tools to support each other.

Timeless Use
With the hopes of COVID-19 decreasing dangers overtime, Floret would still be useful in the future. People naturally crave to learn new things and people love to help and teach others their newfound knowledge and tips. Floret brings people together with creativity, support, positivity and assistance.

Final Features & Prototype (Hifi V2)

1. User Research & Synthesis

2. Storyboard

3. Sitemap

4. Lofi Wireframes

5-6. Hifi V1 Prototype & Product Validation

7. Hifi V2 Prototype

We listened to the user testers from V1 and improved the prototype and user tasks to have a more easier and understandable navigation.

Hifi V1 Prototype
Hifi V2 Prototype