Book Design


Create a custom display typeface referencing a researched person with significant influence. Design the whole uppercase and lowercase alphabet, numbers and a few glyphs. Present the typeface in hand-bound type specimen book, poster and t-shirt.

Pop is a custom display typefaceinfluenced by the phenomenal pop artist, Andy Warhol. This typeface's form and branded colors all reference to Warhol's whimsy, loud art style. Bright, contrasting colors, layered illustrations and freeform shapes from his art style is implemented into the brand and typeface.

Warhol's most common medium in his artworks are lithographic prints that are misaligned when layered. Pop imitates that by having the letter layered over a trapezoid shape. From afar, it may seem like the forms are on top of each other, but when looking closely, its form is actually 1 or 2 continuous lines connected together. The counter is also a random doodled line, which is also features in some of his artworks.