Pop-up Kiosk
App Design


Create a branded outdoor kiosk of any type, backed with researched market evidence why it's needed.

Veer is a pop-up outdoor cinema that travels around California's scenic places. They present various genres to aim to all audiences and also hold events and themed concessions to bring full immersion. Their outdoor kiosk is where guests can buy their tickets, reserve their seats and buy concessions. They can do these tasks via Veer's app as well to get ahead of lines and avoid crowds.

COVID-19 has hit the indoor movie theaters negatively, making more outdoor activities on the rise, such as watching movies. Veer is beneficial in making fun movie-watching useful in and out of pandemic times by being outdoors and having online ordering and reservations.

Veer App

The Downfall of Movie Theaters

Indoor movie theaters have taken a negative impact once the pandemic hit, causing almost all of them to close and lose a large amount of revenue. New movies became postponed and released online instead, having no new movies for indoor theaters to show. People stayed at home as well to stay safe and avoid the indoor crowds.

The Rise of Pop-up Cinemas

During the COVID-19 pandemic, outdoor air is already safer when in crowds. Large land is also much easier to spread out and social distance. Audiences bringing their own personal seating also prevents spreading of the virus on shared surfaces. People don’t always have to watch the movie outside too, but also can have fun exploring the scenery and events around them.

In the United States, pop-up cinemas are the popular and modern way to experience a movie outdoors. Concessions are what mostly gains the revenue, so Veer’s pop-up site is sculptural and attractive to attract audiences. Sponsorships are also what rises revenue, so themed movie and genre events would boost that.